Being the Initiator, Founder, and President of PMI Tbilisi, Georgia Chapter, a director of the International Institute of Time Management, and an esteemed invited lecturer at GIPA and CBS, Lela has brought together a stack of opportunities. In an attempt to serve the community, provide leadership and education in Leadership, Project Management, different Universities, Academies, and other Institutes have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Lela Machaidze.  This cooperative effort establishes support for the Project Management community and encourages research and growth in the field by offering regular scholarships to interested candidates (Check for Regular Updates). Lela Machaidze has been actively playing her part by acting as a Mentor in these joint efforts. By participating in competitions conducted in these universities and Research Centers, you can also win a 100% scholarship to Lela Machaidze’s premium training course and acquire a free certificate.