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Lela Machaidze has a unique combination of practical and academic experience. She works with public and commercial sectors on multi-million dollar programs. She has lectured, trained, mentored, and coached + 1500 mid and executive-level individuals in different universities, institutions, sectors and segments. She worked with different institutions and donor organizations such as UNDP, USAID, WB, EBRD, KFW etc. She has worked with leading project management corporations such as BNI and Jacobs. She is the initiator, founder and president of the world-renowned Project Management Institute (PMI®) Chapter in Tbilisi, Georgia. She is a thought leader and project management influencer.

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We are here if you are looking for a leader, colleague, or friend to motivate you, so you can make substantial changes in your life that make you healthier, happier, more productive, or more fulfilled. If you are aware of the impact that positive inspiration can have on a person's life, you will know that inspiration is potent, yet it isn't easy to come by. We are ready to be around you and with you on your journey to becoming a positive influencer, capable of encouraging your loved ones and of becoming better versions of yourself.
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We make many sacrifices in the pursuit of achievement. We yearn for something more meaningful - a true sense of purpose and fulfillment. It is possible to feel a feeling of purpose without abandoning your quest for achievement. How? By putting others first. Giving back is frequently misunderstood as requiring a considerable time commitment or financial contribution. I used to believe the same idea, but I've since learned that there are many ways I may help others without spending a lot of money or taking time off.
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Personal growth is a lifelong endeavor. It is a method for people to evaluate their abilities and attributes, think about their life goals, and set goals in order to realize and maximize their potential. We are here for you to assist in identifying the skills you'll need to develop life objectives that will improve your employability, boost your confidence, and lead to a more rewarding and higher-quality existence. To enable personal growth, develop plans to make meaningful, positive, and productive life choices and decisions in the future.


 "Project management is the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to deliver something of value to people." The project is a change for the better! Done by people for the people. It has a start and an end, a budget, a specific goal, and it delivers value. In order to deliver projects effectively and efficiently with the intended business value, we offer the below individual and corporate services.

Prepare for Project, Program or Portfolio Job Interview

Get the job on the project with your first attempt. 

We will assist you in passing any job interview on the first try. Our team of interview panel specialists works relentlessly to put up the most accurate and valuable interview question and answer resources available anywhere, with over 9 years of experience and hundreds of candidates helped.

Exclusive Training in Project Management

Project Management is one of the fields that is expanding. The requirements for Project Management and Project Managers have been increased dynamically. This personalized, tailor-made exclusive training that will be developed based on the customer’s specific needs in project management includes practical soft and hard skills which can be applied immediately. It is inclusive of the tools, techniques, strategies, practical tips, case studies, simulations, practical exercises, and games.

This tailor-made, individual/corporate need assessment-based Exclusive Training in Project Management is based on a curriculum that makes you gain knowledge of current trends in project management and implement them in your work. Training in project management will give insight into the skills required in this field, along with a thorough understanding and profound knowledge beneficial for business and individual use. It is inclusive of the tools, techniques, strategies, practical tips, case studies, simulations, practical exercises, and games.

Exclusive Training in Project Management is aimed at those who are interested in learning it or are in the process of career-building in Project Management and its pertaining areas of expertise, mainly Middle Level and Senior Project Managers. This exclusive training will provide a way to make and take decisions when leading a project or managing a project. Moreover, Exclusive Training in Project Management will acquaint you with the new methodologies that are related to Project Management and related areas of Project Management. Besides that, exclusive training renders the organization and administration of the projects and businesses. It is inclusive of the tools, techniques, strategies, practical tips, case studies, simulations, practical exercises, and games.

One-on-One, Individual or Group PMP® Online Mentoring

One-on-One, Individual (2-4), or Group PMP® Online Mentoring is especially useful for those who are looking for career development in Project Management (PM), would like to obtain a globally recognized certification, gain PM knowledge and confidence, and are from different public and commercial sectors.

PMP® Online Mentoring – Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) is an applicable and recognized certification across different industries, including IT, construction, manufacturing, banking, and finance, etc. all over the world. It combines different methodologies, techniques, tools, and standards that are acceptable for different organizations and structures.

Mentoring programs are increasingly demanded in both the public and commercial sectors for a variety of reasons. Because organizations are recognizing programs and projects as key strategic assets, and the movement to becoming project-based continues at a rapid pace, using mentors is a best practice in program and project management. Your mentor will work directly with you, your team members, and project managers to help them obtain PMP certification.

The mentorship will have three (3) main phases. The first phase is a timeline driven study with close guidance and daily 1-hour interaction with the mentor. The second phase is a timeline-driven study with simulation tests, and the third phase is working on the tests and daily, 30-minute interaction with the mentor. During the mentoring, the participant will be assisted in completing the application form, providing the most useful test, and providing a specific study timeline. At the end of the third phase, each mentoring participant will be given an individual recommendation on the path forward for the exam registration. 

Business and Project Management Mentoring

A mentor shares information about her own career path, as well as provides counseling, advice, inspiration, emotional support, and is a role model. A mentor may help with exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources.

Mentoring is useful for individuals and organizations. It increases employee retention and is frequently used to support talent programs, allowing participants to get the most out of their participation by utilizing a mentor to assist them in embedding learning. This is one of the most practical and productive means of management skills, ensuring the achievement of project success and gaining business value.

The mentor actively assists in verifying that standards are followed and aids in the implementation of new processes, methods, and templates. This sort of targeted knowledge transfer from knowledgeable sources fosters the development of competencies that are more easily acquired through example, guided learning, and hands-on practice. While the mentor’s role is often to teach knowledge to the mentee, a mentoring relationship can also assist the more experienced employee in learning new skills. In a reverse mentoring model, younger employees might take on the role of mentor to discuss technical developments, trends, or sharpen their digital abilities. This is an area where the mentee can also act as a teacher, assisting the mentor in learning new skills or methods of operation.



Corporate Consulting

Firms and service providers that provide expert, tailored advice to corporations in order to optimize their business activities are referred to as corporate consultants. The majority of clients are from the commercial sector, but the number of non-profit and public sector clients is increasing.

This consultancy service deals with the advice and support one needs for their business projects or related areas, such as but not limited to:

  • Organizational Development and Structures
  • Business Development
  • Project Management Systems
  • Digital Transformation Priorities
  • Strategic Development and Planning
  • Capacity and Capability Assessment
  • Assessment of Needs
  • Operation Management Recommendations
  • Asset Management
  • Product Development

Individual and Business (Group) Coaching

In today’s business world, achieving goals that correspond with strategic organizational objectives or personal goals for individuals necessitates a significant amount of effort and reveals the full potential of those involved. Anyone at any professional level can participate in a coaching relationship, and leadership coaching is one of the means of increasing performance and efficiency. Individual and Business coaching is helpful in building great leaders and great teams.

Project success is achieved by a productive project team and a project manager. Many corporate leaders place a high priority on professional development to ensure their continuous success.

Coaching’s major goal is to help people position themselves for their professional lives and/or projects (s) for maximizing productivity and success. Individuals who push beyond their strengths are more of a threat to the firm than an opportunity. Furthermore, in a professional setting, competition can degrade a company’s social climate, which is one of its most valuable assets. As a result, it’s critical to be very clear about the coaching process’s aims and technique. The flexible and individually developed timeline will give additional comfort to participants.

A leadership coach works with managers, project managers, and teams to assist them overcome obstacles in their daily operations, projects, and in their careers, as well as to help them grow as leaders and increase project team performance. For the individual, this can mean regaining control of the tasks they do, projects, improving client connections, and increasing their confidence and personal effectiveness. Finally, individuals must demonstrate their worth by completing initiatives successfully in order to receive the promotion or salary raise they desire.

The service of Individual and Business coaching will help to get the following benefits:

  • Enhancement of present skills
  • Improved communication and negotiating skills
  • Improved productivity and motivation
  • Improved mental flexibility and problem-solving skills
  • Improved communication with all project parties

Exclusive Team Building and Case Studies

A series of short, enjoyable exclusive virtual and in-person events meant to build your team’s foundation.

With a focus on long-term results, our exclusive team-building programs attempt to find the perfect confluence of fun, adventure, and shared experience. Our programs are suitable for both large and small groups and can serve as a terrific energizer at a conference, a great start to a training day, or a maintenance session to keep your team on track.

Project Audit

Projects may go over budget and/or take longer than expected. It’s a good idea to conduct a project audit halfway through a large or complicated project. This will provide you with a forensic picture of the project and ensure that it is operating efficiently. Lela Machaidze offers a comprehensive project auditing service.

Throughout their execution, your projects will meet several challenges and impediments, and a project audit is an excellent approach to get to the bottom of project issues. Projects may go over budget and/or take longer than expected. It’s possible that the project team is dysfunctional. It’s possible that the sponsor isn’t providing adequate support or timely approvals. Alternatively, the project’s scope may have evolved after its inception. Depending on the scale and strategic relevance of the project, all of these conditions may pose a serious threat to you and your organization, leading to project delays, cost overruns, or even market position. A project audit will not only discover the main cause of the problem, but it will also save your company money and time by assisting you in getting your troubled project back on track.

Lela Machaidze offers a comprehensive project auditing service to assist you in getting stalled projects back on track. Our project audit has aided countless project teams in identifying the fundamental causes of project issues and determining the best course of action for quick and efficient resolution. In most circumstances, our project audit procedure may complete your project in three (3) weeks or less.

Why me?


  • Intermediate to Advance Level Project Management Training sessions: 

Lela Machaidze’s  training is formulated specifically to take trainees from intermediate training level to successful, experience-based, logically related project management practices and methods. The courses are all-inclusive of theories, practice-based assessments, and hands-on experience of project management tools and software.

  • Get three generations of research up your sleeve:

Project Management has fully grown into an academic discipline with a newfound structure and emerging elements. Lela Machaidze regularly engages with global thought leaders to discuss new elements in digital transformation, business and program environments, and develops substantial, solution-based narratives. By choosing Lela, you can become a part of important webinar conversations related to Digital Transformation, Project Management, Agile and much more.

  • Solution-based Project Management Consultation Services:

Lela Machaidze is accredited for providing solution-based consultation to mobilize organizations, which work not just in theory but also practice.  Competitive advantage for clients is ensured by a unique combination of experience-based solutions and digitalization.

  • Regular Check-ins:

Lela Machaidze commits to being  on hand to help you get started and to offer personalized answers to your queries through emails. The coach regularly engages with the coachees to ensure they are on boarded and successful.

  • Collaborations and Memorandums of Understanding:

Being the director of the International Institute of Time Management, and President of PMI Tbilisi, Georgia and an esteemed lecturer at the Georgia Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) and Caucasus Business School (CBS), Lela has brought together a stack of different opportunities and possibilities. In collaboration with different Universities and Research Centers, Lela offers her exclusive Project Management Training as well as scholarships to the collaborating universities.

  • Guaranteed high-returns and Satisfaction :

Lela Machaidze’s client-centered and development-centered approach has resulted in 100 percent client satisfaction and an active stream of income for trainees and clients. (Quick Cash Fact: Entry level Project Managers make up to $51046 on average.)


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    What People Say

    How real people said about Lela Machaidze

    Kesaria Tokhadze

    Kesaria Tokhadze

    I feel very lucky to have Lela as a mentor. Thank you for all of the hard but necessary lessons that you have taught me. I have a tremendous amount of faith in myself and my abilities because of your ongoing encouragement. Thank you for always guiding me back to the right path and the last, the best result of our mentorship 3 months later I’ve passed the PMP exam.


    Nino Gabuldani

    I will be honest when saying that, me being PMP now is thanks to Lela Machaidze. Despite the fact that from the very first day I was introduced to project management I wanted to get this certification done & despite many years of working in this field and doing most of it – I did not have the courage to take the first step. Lela was the one to tell me I can do that. Her motivation, dedication, leadership, coaching & mentorship helped me a lot in this process.

    Tamar Skhirtladze

    Tamar Skhirtladze

    In 2021, with 9 years of practical project management experience, I decided it was time to become a certified project manager and get PMP status. On this long journey, I was fortunate enough to meet Lela Machaidze as a supportive and caring mentor. Having a mentor like her is a blessing as besides being an expert in project management, she is truly passionate about the field and her attitude is contagious. On this difficult path to the goal of becoming PMP, Lela provided me with constant support, great motivation and showed confidence in me. It really helped me get to my destination successfully. Even more valuable in my experience with Lela is that she has the true talent to inspire you to turn your dreams into reality.

    Ana Margiani

    Ana Margiani

    If you don’t like your daily routine and want insomnia and stress to become your best friends, then obtaining a PMP certificate is the right decision 😀 You have to understand that the preparation process might be one of the hardest in your life, but if you have a mentor like Lela on your side, the goal will be achieved. She is not only a mentor but a friend, family member, psychologist, and everyone you might need during your journey. She always knows how to motivate you and help you to find the strength to continue the learning process. The amount of the study materials is enormous and might seem impossible to learn, but at some point, you realize that somehow you managed to understand and learn it and now everything is in your head and it seems fun to make tests and use the tools and techniques in your work. You did it and this feeling is one of the best in life and of course, this wouldn’t be possible without Lela, who is a guiding star for all her mentees ❤️

    Tariel Chulukhadze

    Tariel Chulukhadze

    Professionals have three stages of life. One, before the PMP when everything seems fine, and everything sort of makes sense. Second, preparing for PMP, when you only leave around the books, and the third once PMP is obtained.  The only difference between the first and the third life is that processes ACTUALLY make sense. The closest comparison is to have smart eyeglasses all the time that guides and shows you the correct direction.  Lela has an extraordinary ability to tame the untamed. She dedicates her time 24/7 towards the mentees to achieve the maximum capacity out of them.

    1.Nino Tediashvili3

    Nino Tediashvili

    Project Manager

    Having been involved in various projects, I felt I wanted to improve my knowledge and skills in the implementation of modern work practices, but within the busy lifestyle, becoming a PMP seemed very unachievable;

    However, Lela Machaidze instilled in me a sense of eagerness to begin my education.

    The lesson learned from my PMP journey was that the right people have a crucial effect on the successful accomplishment of any hard goal.

    Nino Onoprishvili

    Nino Onoprishvili

    IT Portfolio Manager at Adjarabet

    I became aware of the PMP Certification while making my early steps in project management. Since then, I started researching what steps I could take to get the status of PMP. Fortunately, I found Lela Machaidze, who gave me wonderful mentorship throughout the whole journey towards the PMP. Despite the fact that the process of preparation is not easy, Lela gave me huge motivation, the right advice, and the inspiration to never give up, which finally helped me to achieve my aim. Being a PMP is proof of professionalism, as it outlines your strong personality and determines your path.

    Vakhtang Razmadze

    Vakhang Razmadze

    Project Manager: Bank-funded infrastructure projects

    Having around 8 years of practical experience in the management of multilateral development bank-funded infrastructure projects, I decided to challenge myself and try becoming a certified project manager. After reviewing the worldwide recognition of different certification options, I have decided to pursue the Project Management Professional credential offered by the Project Management Institute.

    There was a long journey ahead, and it would have been difficult to reach the destination without the tremendous support of Mrs. Lela Machaidze. It is worth mentioning that, besides being an expert in project management, she is truly passionate about the field. I believe this is what makes her stand out from the crowd. Being one of the students at the PMP exam preparation course in 2019, I have benefited from the possibility of being guided by her through the PM practices, tools & techniques, as well as the exam specifics with keen attention to detail. Even more valuable about my experience with Mrs. Machaidze is that she is also a highly skilled motivator and influencer, maintaining a positive attitude at all times.

    Nana Vekua

    Nana Vekua

    Head of Talent, Central Asia & Caucasus | SMEC International

    The PMP Preparation Course was an amazing experience with Lela. She is exploring and trying to pull out things that not only she can use, but things her audience will benefit from. Thanks for guiding me on the right path and motivating me to move forward!

    Ketevan Sigua

    Ketevan Sigua

    Project Manager

    I’ve always wanted to be a professional in my job; therefore, the PMP certification meant a lot to me and always seemed unreachable until I met Lela. She believed in me and motivated me to take risks, and as in most cases, she was absolutely correct! With her mentorship and guidance, I was able to address my weaknesses and turn them into strengths, and as a result, I gained my PMP certificate. Even just following her on social media is already quite an educative and positive experience, not to mention her direct mentorship that makes you definitely understand that if you work hard enough, absolutely nothing is impossible!

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